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 2019 SWM Motorcycles 

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The Gran Milano feels engaging and very natural. The reach to the handlebars as well as the height and position of the turned out foot pegs are all designed to provide a sporty, comfortable ride.


SWM Gran Milano

"The steering geometry makes this a nimble steerer with fast turn-in that makes light work of a quick change in direction through a series of messes or weaving through traffic."

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Motocrosss handlebar guarantees great handling, the “double barrel” exhaust, short secondary transmission ratio for rapid acceleration and the off-road style tires give it the right credentials to ride everywhere.

SWM Gran Milano Outlaw

OUTLAW is the “urban scrambler” created at SWM GARAGE, the second concept that follows the Ace of Spades, both motorcycles being based on the development of the café racer Gran Milano.

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The Gran Turismo 440 hits the streets with an understated classically elegant look. While its fuel injected 440cc single cylinder engine delivers a healthy 30HP, it loves to be revved and the twin underslung exhaust sounds the business as well.

SWM Gran Turismo

The customer who chooses Gran Turismo searches for the essence of Classic style. With a vibe straight out of the 60s, the Gran Turismo stands out for its great looks, comfortable ride, and great value. 

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The riding position is upright and relaxed, with plenty of support from the broad and comfy ribbed seat and wide high bars. The engine and gearing  provide low speed torque fine midrange power. There’s good acceleration in the lower gears, but you can still leave it in fifth on a twisty back road, the 440cc single pulling you out of sweeping bends.

SWM Silver Vase

"The Silver Vase faithfully replicates the street scrambler style of the early 1970s, with twin high-mounted silencers, semi-knobbly tires and a profusion of chrome."

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The "Ace of Spades" 440 is the latest motorcycle from SWM's Milan custom shop. This stunning machine really has individual street presence, with it's aggressive looks it really sets it's rider apart from the crowd.

SWM Ace of Spades

From the “SWM Garage” project was born the Ace of Spades, the first SWM series special. Developed on the basis of the Gran Milano, it differs for the total dark look, enriched by a beautiful tone-on-tone graphics, from off-road tires, the crossbar handlebar and the standard double seat.

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SWM Six Days

Six Days is a strongly evocative name in the off-road world and SWM has chosen it to give its customer a taste of earlier times. The SWM Six Days was designed to easily deal with light off-road routes, as well as everyday roads.

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The remarkable lightness of Six Days, allows all pilots to drive it with extreme ease. Whether they are experienced bikers or approaching the world of two wheels for the first time.