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 2019 Royal Enfield 

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Royal Enfield

2019 GT Continental 650

"A modern interpretation of a cultural icon, a part of the original British cafe racing scene, an expression of free spirit, and a declaration of style."

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The frame, developed in conjunction with the legendary Harris Performance, and thoroughly tested for durability, offers superior balance and handling. Together with the finely tuned suspension, with "piggy-backed" gas suspension twin shocks for optimum blend of comfort and feel, the chassis ensures the GT 650 is a dynamic ride, lively and agile scratching through those back lanes.

Royal Enfield

2019 GT Interceptor 650

"The quintessential modern classic roadster. A blast to ride on twisty back roads, highways, or the urban jungle, with equal ease and grace, for novices and experienced riders alike.

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Inspired by the iconic 60's Interceptor 650, this modern classic is the essence of a British roadster blending timeless style and contemporary performance. With its greatest following in the American West Coast, fitting perfectly into the easy-going, fun narrative of the times, the new Interceptor 650 Twin re-imagines the sun-drenched California lifestyle.


Royal Enfield

2019 Himalayan

"Decades of expeditions. Thousands of kilometers of traversing the world's most challenging terrain. That's how we made the Himalayan, our first dual-purpose motorcycle."

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The only motorcycle you'll ever need

The Himalayan combines Royal Enfield's historic riding experience in the Himalayas with an all-new engine and terrain tested suspension.


Royal Enfield

2019 Classic 500

"The vintage styling and low-end torque of the Classic 500 will instantly put a smile on your face, whether you're exploring the city or cruising your favourite country road."

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Classic 500 Pegasus


At the height of World War II, Royal Enfield made a resilient 125cc motorcycle designed to be deployed behind enemy lines via parachute.​ Fondly recalled as The Flying Flea, they became a quick mobility platform for the forward units of the Airborne Pegasus Regiment. The new Classic 500 Pegaus edition is a tribute to that great story of the war never told.

Classic Stealth Black


There's a time to ride, and a time to call it a day, sit back, and watch the universe blaze away in all its glory. There, amidst the dark, discover the other half of your riding story with a motorcycle that's slept under the night sky since 1901.

Classic Squadron Blue


The Classic 500 Squadron Blue is a tribute to Royal Enfield's association with the armed forces. The Indian Air Force started using Royal Enfield in the 1950's, most popularly used by the Air Force Police. The Classic 500 Squadron Blue takes inspiration from the post war design of the Royal Enfield motorcycles, while retaining the performance of a modern day machine.

Classic Desert Storm


The Classic Desert Storm comes to you with a ‘sand’ paint scheme, reminiscent of the war era. A time when Royal Enfield motorcycles proved their capabilities and battle worthiness by impeccable service to soldiers in the harsh conditions of the desert. This motorcycle brings you the pleasures of modern motorcycling while reflecting the aura of eternal classic styling.

Classic Chrome


An old-school, post-war design built around an engine that you can count on. In the Chrome Classic, the tradition of our iconic past exists in harmonic unison with technology that heralds the future of motorcycling. Featuring detailing complete with die-cast headlight casing, vintage graphic on the fuel tank, the Classic Chrome is timeless in its appeal.