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We've collected quite an assortment of parts over the years and Ken says it's time to clear the shelfs. This is by no means a complete list of all the odds and ends we have lying about so if you don't see what you're looking for on this page, give us a call or send an email. Chances are we have it or know where to get!

Ural / Dnepr Parts

Gas Tanks

Whether you need to replace your stock tank or need a unique look for your custom project, you can get that unique look with one of these.

Dnepr tank $75

Ural tank $250

Dnepr tank $75

Ural Northern Cruiser tank $200

Engine Parts and Components

If it comes from a Ural motor, you can rest assured that we have it somewhere on our shelves or in Ken's private stash of hard-to-find Ural and Denpr parts.

Ural cylinder head $130

Ural motor mounts

Front cover $10

Front motor cover $40

Ural cylinder $130

Ural rocker arms $20

Ural sump $20

Ural valve covers $20

Assorted Odds n' Ends

Ural axels

"Make an Offer"

Ural MT70 Tripletree $30

Chrome seat rail $10

Gear levers $10

Rear brake controls $5

Foot pegs $15 pair

The "Big Wall of Specials"

This is where you'll find a collection of odds and ends for your Ural or Royal Enfields. Come in and have a look - you're sure to find something your need even if you didn't know you needed it!

2021 Old Vintage Cranks