Ural Motorcycles

Strong enough for rough roads, classic enough to ride in style. The only production motorcycle designed from the ground up as a sidecar rig.

OVC - Your authorized Ural dealer

**Ural Canada has announced they are bringing in a limited number of carburated 2014 models before eventually bringing in the new EFI models**

See The Irbit Informer page for more details on 2014 EFI models. Initial 2014 models available in Canada will be basically the same as the 2013 models, I.E. will be carburated instead of EFI, drum brakes instead of disc on sidecar and rear. 2014 limited edition models include the Gaucho Rambler, and the M70 Retro (Special order only.) EFI model Urals are expected to arrive in late summer.

oVc is an authorized dealer for the famous Ural motorcycles, made in Russia and now invading Canada with their rugged good looks and go anywhere, do anything capability.

If you've ever considered getting a sidecar rig it's hard to beat the features, price and 2yr unlimited mileage warranty of the entire Ural lineup. Want to be the hit of the crusing scene? Check out the Retro. Do you like to putter down dirt roads and secondary highways on your way to get groceries? Have a look at the Tourist. Ever wanted to ride year round - including winter? The 2WD Patrol is waiting for you. And if you're a back country blaster who loves chasing ATV's down trails and squirrels up trees, you need to scope out the camo paint scheme and all-business look of the Gear-Up.

Whatever your pleasure, Ural and oVc have the rig for you!

Note: "Read More" Links listed will take you to the to the Canadian Distributor's page for up to date specifications.

pictureUral Tourist

Don't need 2 wheel drive but still want a machine with a little more ground clearance, and at a reasonable price? The Ural Tourist is your best choice then. The same rugged suspension and ground clearance as the Gear-Up and Patrol models, but with 1 wheel drive to reduce weight and cost.


pictureUral M70 Retro (Special order only)

The retro will take you back to the early days of the Ural brand, with vintage styled paint and sleek ground hugging lines. It'll turn heads and add a dash of style to your garage, driveway or anywhere else you choose to take it.


pictureGaucho Rambler limited edition model (Special Order)

The Gaucho Rambler is one of Ural's traditional limited edition models. With unique touches such as the canvas upholstery and a "Journey West" blanket by Pendleton. Equipped with 2wd, this is a bike that will allow you to ramble... just about anywhere you want to go.


pictureUral Patrol Model

One of two 2-wheel drive models, the Patrol shares the savage offroad heritage of the Gear-Up but adds passenger friendly touches such as a windshield. Get the best of two worlds - with on street charm but a hidden off-road beast just waiting for you to leave the pavement.


pictureUral Gearup Model

The offroad choice of the Ural lineup. Forget about glossy paint, chrome, and civilized touches - this bike is all business. 2 wheel drive will keep you going when other machines get stuck, and the rugged military style will draw looks where ever you go.



oVc now offers financing on new and used Ural, Royal Enfield, and Kymco machines - if we sell it, you can finance it!!

We are happy to announce that oVc is offering financing for new and used Ural, Royal Enfield, and Kymco motorcycles, scooters and ATV’s. Rates and payments are dependent on size of downpayment, desired monthly payment, credit history and credit rating. Please Contact us for details.

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