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Read some stories of OVC customers and their machines. Email us if you'd like to share your story!.

Crossing Canada on our Ural (10 Nov 2011)

Well a little bit ago, we decided to take our rig from Toronto out to Victoria, BC - driving our 2007 Ural Tourist (bought from OVC) on the highway, going 95-100kph most of the way.

Along the way we crossed through several provinces, beat up the rig on gravel and dirt roads, went adventuring in the Rocky mountains, and ended up loving every mile and every minute.

The machine itself never gave us a moment of worry - with the exception of a screw coming loose in the taillight (easily fixed on the side of the road.)

We're planning more trips on the Russian machine - because, as we have discovered, it isn't a trip unless it's in a sidecar rig.

Jamie L.

Excerpt from Customer Email (20 June 2010)

Steve wanted me to send you these pictures of his latest invention for the Scoot. I will give you a little background so you know he is not completely crazy.

He works for Napoleon Home Comfort, and a boat BBQ came back to the shop, the purchaser did not want it. Steve got a good deal on the BBQ, and made the plate on the back of the scoot to match the holes for the mounting clip for it. He took the scoot to work one day and the company loved it and copied his mounting plate and introduced the idea at the sportsman show. Of course we think it is better on a scooter than on an ATV, but here are some pictures of it.

Steve and Corinne S.

A major Ural Milestone! (20 June 2010)

I was motoring about the back country this morning, scouting routes for the upcoming CURDurham rally day rides, when I happened to glance down at the odometer and noticed that my mighty '05 Tourist "Doukhbor" had just rolled past the 50,000km mark.

Thank you, Ken, for introducing me to the wonderful world of Russian motorcycles - five years later I am still a happy customer!

Mike "Gummiente" Palmer

Some custom paint on an OVC sidecar... (30 may 2012)

Hi Ken,

Here are some pictures of the scooter with the sidecar painted pearl white courtesy of my brother-in-law Jim N.

Ron T.

The Arrival of Katya (7 Nov 07)

Dave "Hanajuq" Crockatt, Cambridge Bay, Nunavit

Katya, my new '07 Gear-Up, finally arrived in Cambridge Bay today. Made my day! I don't have her running yet as she is in the hanger at the airport at the moment, thawing out. I will have her delivered to my house tomorrow morning and then in the next few days will try to get her going. Of course it had to be the coldest day this year at -28C with a 30km wind; the windchill was -37C! I was able to hitch a ride for her with a local construction company who had to air lift an air handling system to Cambridge Bay. Luckily they had the space available and all it cost me was a bottle of good Scotch!

I will keep you posted on how she runs after such a long frozen journey. Here are some pics...

Snow Day (16 Dec 07)
Photos and story by Steve Krug, Brantford, Ontario

On Sunday 16 Dec, the majority of Central and Eastern Ontario was hit by a full-scale, old style winter storm that pounded over 30cm of snow onto the ground in most areas before moving on to attack Quebec and the Maritimes. For most people, this was the time to stay inside all day and watch the snowplow make endless passes down the street. For others, though, this was an Ural Snow Day and several owners - including two of oVc's customers - took advantage of the conditions to go have some serious fun. Here's their stories...

Steve Krug: Just got back from ride #2 today. Went and found Rick Stamp and rescued him from shoveling. We went for a coffee and watched all the people needing to get pushed out of the parking lot. The bike is far better for these conditions, although mine started running rough (freezing up?) after the longer leg of the ride. Neither of us got stuck, but I'm amazed at how well the 1WD of Rick's Ural drive handles in the snow. I get the holeshot on him, but he keeps up no problem. It's chilly out but neither of us need any fancy-boy plug in clothes! Just layers. We didn't even have full face helmets (can't feel the wind in your face!).Great ride. We've got about 20cm of snow and it's still coming. They went and plowed and salted so now the main roads suck because there mushy and wet. Here we go; wife wants sour cream from the grocery store. Ride # 3 coming up. If the wind dies it'll be a nice night for a ride!

Rick Stamp: Glad to see you made it home, Steve! I realize trying to keep up on your '05 to my "classic" Ural M67 is hard, but you did a pretty decent job! But it really was one of the most fun rides I've had. Seeing 2 Urals riding around where cars and trucks were getting stuck was a blast!

More News From Cambridge Bay (20 Jan 08)
(excerpt from an email sent by Dave "Hanajuq" Crockatt to Ken Beach at oVc)

Hi, Ken;

Enclosed is the promised license plate for you. Sorry it has taken so long for me to get it to you. You know how it is, you get busy and next thing you know it's been a few months. Anyway, I hope you like it. It should look good on the wall of your shop!


P.S. I am including a couple pics of my first and only ride in Nunavit. On Dec 6th 07, it warmed up enough after a blizzard so that I could take the kids for a run around the block; it was a blast but really cold!  Katya is safely ensconced in my unheated garage for the cold season. She is hooked up to the Battery Tender and seems to be doing ok. She will stay there until it warms up by 20 degrees or so!



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